If I am healthy, do i need a health checkup?

The human body is at risk for several diseases. Some of these are preventable and regular diagnostic checkups will help you identify your personal risk for these diseases and take corrective measures. Even in those diseases, which cannot be prevented, early detection will lead to successful treatment helping curb the associated ill effects and morbidity. These health check ups are recommended once a year. At Spectrum healthcare we believe in a holistic approach for your well-being and we make it possible for you with our services and uncompromising standards of quality.

Our Packages

CEO Plus Health Check-up Plan 
(CEO Plan + Cancer Markers + Quarterly Risk Assessment & Online Consultation For One Year)

CEO Health Package
(Master Plan + Vitamin D3 + B12 + Quarterly Risk Assessment & Online Consultations For One Year)

Master Plan
(Comphrehensive Health Checkup Plan with Cardiac Risk Markers, Cancer Markers, Thyroid Profile)

Cancer Specific Plan
(Comphrehensive Health Checkup Plan with Cancer Markers)

Comprehensive Health Checkup Plan - A (Above 45 yrs)
(With Sonography, Stress Test & 2D Echo Cardiogram)

Executive Health Checkup Plan - B (Age 35-45 yrs)
(With Stress test or 2D Echo Cardiogram)

Standard Health Checkup Plan - C (Below 35 yrs)

Senior Citizen Health Checkup Plan (Above 65 yrs)

Healthy Heart Health Checkup Plan

Wellness Programme For Women

Pre-Pregnancy Health Check-up Plan

Children's Plan